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  1. «The first character with 85th lvl on the server» The competition will begin at the same time as the start of the server! Each class character, who will the first to reach level 85 and receive the third profession will get the award in the form of a premium account category «Advanced» for 30 days.The award is issued automatically and only once. If on your account is active any other set, the duration of the effects is summed up. Have a good luck and great success!
  2. Dear players! Ten participants of OBT who the most active, will receive: 7 days of + 100% all rates or 140 Florins. The time in the game and activity on the Forum is the criteria for winners selecting. The winners will be announced in 3 days after the start of the project. How to win: 1. Start testing the game server. 2. Send bugs and be active on the forum. 3. You should be creative . Details about the OBT.
  3. Уважаемые игроки! Десять наиболее активных участников ОБТ получат бонус: 7 дней все рейты +100% или 140 Флорин. Критериями выбора победителей станут время в игре и активность на форуме. Через 3 дня после старта проекта будут объявлены победители. Как победить: Начать тестировать игровой сервер. Присылать баги и проявлять активность на форуме. Креативить

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