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About the project

Renessans.Games it is the Lineage 2 game server, which fascinates both beginners and advanced players! Here you will find the unique artifacts and equipment’s set, the perfect trade balance, the chance to improve your swords and skills. Our server is not just the playground, it is the project that opens up a whole world of opportunities for the players!

Who are we?

The Renessans.Games creators are the team of enthusiasts, fans of uncompromising battles and ageless games. We appreciate and respect each player who came to play with us. Lineage 2 is not the past, it is for centuries!

Who are we waiting for?

We are waiting for all who wants to «shake the cobwebs» or, conversely, to plunge into the new and exciting world of Lineage 2! Our goal is to create the friendliest server. No matter how much experience and skill you have, whether you are the beginner or the oldfag, you can always become the part of our project and achieve high victories! But do not flatter yourself, in order to succeed, you have to make an effort!

What do you like here?

In order to get useful things, it is not necessary to spend the real money or the alternative currency! It is enough to become the part of our server’s life and to participate in its development!

Some things you can buy for the real money, and others you can buy for the game currency. Donat on our server does not affect the gameplay, and the most items can be obtained without investments!

24/7 hot PvP battles, worthy opponents and a lot of fun are waiting for you!

On the server, there is always someone to try on strengths and skills, both marketing sharks and monopoly fans on the market, or lovers who hurt monsters while drinking tea.

Don't you believe that you came to the right place?

If you are looking for the server on which it will be pleasant and exciting to spend time, you have found it! Here you will become the dangerous rival and you can enter the strongest clans. Renessans.Games is the high-performance rates and the long-term work without wipe!

Information for the strong in spirit

The rare items will get only the most attentive and strong players! You are waiting for the dangerous and exciting battles in which you can miss something important or to get something valuable!

It is important for us that you follow our forum rules and lead only fair play.


Equipment is the game’s important part, your success in the battle will depend on it (and, of course, on the skill)! You can collect the battle set and to powerlevel the powerful abilities, and the tattoo master (you can find him in any city) will take care of your warlike appearance!

Spoiler: it will help to increase the character’s basic characteristics, do not forget to visit tattoo salons!


You are not alone!

The social component plays a key role in the Lineage 2. Each player needs support therefore, the new clans are constantly being created. You can create your own groups or just ask for help from your comrades. When the clan is strong enough, you can experience group skills in massive battles of dozens of players!

Battle system

We strongly discourage do not attack the peace players. Having attacked the character, who is not configured to fight, you will get the player killer status. This guarantees you a loss at death therefore, if you fond of adventure, be prepared for the thing’s loss. You can whitewash your reputation by killing monsters or completing the quest. Do not forget, each killed player impairs karma!


As you may think, the server exists not only due to our enthusiasm. The project development is possible through the voluntary donations. Our store is designed in such way that it will appeal to those who do not want to spend the real money. Here you will find the equipment’s exclusive items that will give your character not only the stylish look, but also the strength!

Good luck and fun game!

If you have any questions, please contact the players support, we are always ready to help you!


"Firenze x7" Server Description



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